LOAMA MALDIVES – Where the Heritage starts

It is truly amazing to watch all those photos of sandy white beaches on Maldives, and then imagine yourself there away from your daily troubles. At a time you might think that all these photos look alike, and that every resort on Maldives is just a copy of each other. Some might not care if resort is luxury style or just a common one, as long as they can take a numerous number of photos of themselves and post them on Facebook saying: beautiful beach on Maldives! Did anyone thought about real picture of Maldives, culture and history or is it only beaches on their mind? Just like every country in the world, Maldives have their own historical treasure and one of the most significant islands that will give you all in one is Loama. Just buying a souvenir at airport will not give you that deep connection with  this history hidden country, so by choosing Loama as your Maldives home and history teacher is definitely the wright choice.

The very fact that Loama is situated in the oldest historical Raa Atoll, on Maamigili island, opens your imagination for exploring.Lets start from the ancient bath to Loama Museum & Art Gallery that is first one outside Male to be awarded with an official license to operate as a cultural museum. What you will see there are historical artifacts, sculptures and paintings.

By discovering you all you might experience by staying at Loama will erase all the thrill before arriving. Don’t be just a beach hunter, listen to us who have been to these places and become a life hunter.

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Written by: Maja


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