Sadly, when talking to people about my vacations on Maldives, first they ask me is the price! I do understand that not everybody can travel and afford luxury vacations, but this time I am talking about those who can!

I praise those luxury lovers who appreciate high standard resorts and do not want to spend their money just to go and take pictures in order to post them on Facebook, to make people jealous or just to put themselves high above others.

I am strictly luxury lover and I travel for my own satisfaction and I do return to those places that give me only high standard service. Most of the people I have met that want to go to Maldives, want to know the price. It doesn’t really matter the quality of it all, but just to go and show off, save some money. When yo ask those people about ANYTHING that goes with REAL Maldives hospitality, they do not know a thing!

Of course, every hotel has its guests, and that’s ok, that’s how it should be, but I do not understand and I never will those who have opportunity for more and they choose for less just to show off.

To travel is not to show off, remember that!


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