When traveling, I always like to come late night, because of the first impression when waking up and opening the balcony doors. First sight of Ayada was breathtaking. I just wanted to enjoy every step of this lovely journey.

Usually I take a lot of photos, but that time, for the first time, I forgot my camera in the room. I wanted to feel this island with all my heart without any pressure and obligation of sharing this amazing experience. It was at that time, but now I am ready to share all of it with you.

My advice to you is to explore every step of this island, slowly and in details. Do not miss anything. You will feel like opening the doors of yet undiscovered and hidden.

If you are traveler whose aim is not to brag on Facebook with Maldives beaches, but a traveler that travels wit a goal to merge with beauty of Earth, then you are at the wright spot with a wright person.

There is no need for writing a book about Ayada, as a visit itself is like opening one of the most rare books in the world and the words would not be enough to take you there.


Written by: Maja


We will get back to you in a while.

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