I cannot really explain or put in one, what exactly keeps me dreaming of Baros.

I have visited many very known hotel brands and I wasn’t surprised by the perfection, I was expecting it. I enjoyed every moment of discovering all these amazing resorts, but Baros made me keep dreaming.

It’s like a book with such amazing story and while still reading it, you start looking for a new part. Excitement of what is coming next, a story that makes you keep believing in true and wonderful moments that life brings us all.

Even though there are so many other resorts I haven’t visited, after visiting Baros, I am afraid not to go there again, as I do not want to keep thinking of what would have happened in a new chapter, a new visit.

I am simply happy to dream of Baros and keep my heart beating every time I think of going back.

It might be funny to say, but I build my life only with people and places that keep reminding me how beautiful life really is.

beach c.

Written by: Maja


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