Loama..More Then Just A Name

When searching for a new place to spend my vacation, excitement takes over. I start thinking about everything. Happiness before boarding and leaving daily routine behind, imagining how the place will look like, how are they going to welcome me, what will I discover and which part of vacation will write that special page in my book of lifetime memories.

I have visited so many different worldwide destinations, but my last trip has thought me that still there are places that can surprise you in so many special ways.

Loama has so many hidden beauties and treasures, that for sure I will go back and soak up that positive energy that not many places have given me. I am sure that you dear travelers have also experienced that moment when from first sight and first step, you knew it will be more then just a vacation.

For me, Loama is more then just a name. It is a way, a style, a new breath, new energy and a new home we all dream of.

Blog Loama 2

Written By: Maja


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