Before joining business world of travel, I used to be a very active traveler.

Still there are, and always will be, more places to discover and more pages to write and now I have stopped. I have stopped travelling and discovering different countries, as I have found my second home, Maldives.

Starting from simple things in life, that my grandma still remembers and dreams of having back in her life, is neighbors visiting each other, all day long coffees, fun stories, laughter and  simplicity of life. These things in Europe do not exist anymore. People have changed, times have become tough and unfair.

Getting a chance to go to Maldives is the greatest and most precious gift in my life. I have become different, more people and life loving. More calm and more closer to a beauty that life gives us. I am

sure there are numerous of people who got the same treasure as me, by finding their new home at different countries.

When I have to travel and times become hard, I just remember those smiling Maldivian faces, joy and tranquility that this country brings to my heart.

I would like to shout out only three words to Maldives: I LOVE YOU!

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Written by: Maja



  1. I was living in Maldives for 1 year. Have visit the the Most North part of Maldives, where the known Resorts are JA Manafaru & Hideaway Beach Resort & SPA. Have visited, Lux Maldives, Two weeks lived down South in Addu City.. Shangri-La Resort is an superb Luxury Escape. etc


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