Question for travelers? Does the name of the resort attracts you to visit and how to you choose at the end?

I must say that when it comes to world known hotel names, we assume what to aspect, but when it comes to a name such as Loama, do you even bother to read about it?

Trust me, read, visit and experience, as those world’s brands will be always here, but true Maldivian resorts are the treasure, proud and joy of all Maldivians.

Give your life that special light and do not let Maldives stay just a nice beach for you. Loama is not just a name, it is still undiscovered Maldives heritage truth for you and by visiting, you shall become a part of Loama family. We assure you no greater luxury than that can make you say “I have seen it all”.

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Blog Loama

Written by: Maja


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