Maldives from first sight


When we think of a place for our next vacation destination, first we search and look into it are photos. Do the photos create the picture of the country we are going to visit? What do you think about first? Hospitality, food, beach, shopping, night life?

When we look at the beautiful resort photos of Maldives, first thing that comes up to our mind is paradise in peace. It is paradise in peace, but have you ever thought about REAL  Maldives? True picture of their lifestyle and hospitality?

Like at every airport you get to face upon arrival is a lot of people, airport representatives, different agency representatives, taxi services..

Let me tell you one thing. Once you arrive at Maldives, you do not have to have any fear of feeling like a foreigner. There should be a sign “Welcome to your new home”, as their local staffs will truly make you feel more then welcome, respected and appreciated. So just relax and enjoy and be free to approach any of the local staff for any kind of information.

Once you plan your vacation to Maldives, do not miss opportunity to visit their capital city Male. Try to put it first on your list to visit, before you are going to your booked vacation on resort. Anyway, their capital city Male is just few minutes away by boat from the airport! Very cheap and very often local lines are there.

Like in every capital city you get to face is a lot of people on streets, very busy life style at first sight, but if you sit at any local bar in Male you will realize that actually Maldivian people are not in “panic”, not rushing or loosing their head while facing one more working day.

Bars are full, restaurants and shops are busy. It is very lively, but all in one positive and extraordinary style. They are working, they are great business makers but first and the most important is socializing and stress free life.

Even at late evening, every evening, shops are opened, bars and restaurants are busy, full of laughter, Maldivian and foreigners socializing. Do not miss to try their way of making noodles, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, smoothies..and there is so much more to discover before you leave to your planed resort.

Taxi transportation is very cheap, hotels and rooms you can find at very affordable prize. If you like to plan ahead, be free to book your room online, but also you can find your accommodation upon your arrival. That makes is more adventures.

Enjoy Male, a true hospitality city with so much to discover!


We will get back to you in a while.

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